World’s highest mobile phone call

A British climber has made the world’s highest mobile phone call – from the top of Mount Everest.

Rod Baber also claimed a separate record for sending the highest text message, reports the BBC.

His two calls from the mountain’s north ridge were made possible after China set up a new mobile base station.

In the first call Mr Baber described the view, how cold it was and what he wanted to do when back at base camp.

He then rang his wife and children in Cirencester, Gloucs, and told them: “It’s amazing. I can’t feel my toes.”

To make the call at the 8,848 metres summit, Mr Baber had to contend with high winds and temperatures of minus 30C.

The call was made to a voicemail account created by sponsor Motorola to ensure the attempt was recorded.

Mr Baber also did not have much time to make the call because those climbing Everest typically only stay at the summit for 15 minutes.

Making such a call is dangerous as talking into the handset meant he had to remove his oxygen mask.

Batteries for the Motorola handset he used were taped to his body to ensure they stayed at a high enough temperature to power the phone.

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