DD – Crazyday

Demion Duraloca is walking down the noisy streets of LA one day when he suddenly slips on a slippery bright-yellow banana peel. He gets up angrily and mumbles to himself what kind of monkey would leave a banana peel in the middle of LA, and immediatly suspects his evil arch-enemy, Efreim.

He looks around him for suspicious Efreim looking people and sees a gorilla walking in the opposite direction on the other side of the street. The monkey is eating bananas like a machine and throwing them behind him in a neat row. Various victims slip and stumble in a line behind the gorilla …

The bright idea of running across the street to catch the fuzzy f**ker pops into the head of Demion and he blindly runs out into the heavy traffic of LA. As a consequence to this crazy act several uncrazy drivers crash into each other while trying to avoid the streetraiding rhino. Demion leaves a crooked path behind thick walls of carwrecks through the road and reaches the end in a fury, only to find that the Gorilla has dissapeared leaving not a single trace!

The sound of police sirens bounce back and fourth between the buldings and reach Demion. He looks back at the chaos he accidently caused when trying to fight the evil figures of society and figure out that the police must be after him, so he starts running. He rounds a corner at 200 mph and runs “SMACK” into the gorilla.

The huge gorilla winces in pain and runs away on all four, leaving an empty banana box after him. Demion watches the Gorilla dissapear in the distance and picks up the banana box and looks at it, not hearing the nearing sirens and the footestps of many angry people. Suddenly he is surrounded by a crowd of furious banana peel victims, federal agents and SWAT.

After a tiresome time at the police station with many questions asked he leaves the place humming on a heavymetal melody, bobbing his head to the nearby breakdancers beat. Ahead of him Efraim has just digueised himself as a banana salesman with the perfect plan of selling Demion bananas with highly-explosive ingredients. He shouts out his well planned message, free bananas to everyone!

Demion literally goes bananas and soon finds himself locked up in jail for 3 days, for beating up an innocent banana salesman with no reason whatsoever! In his warm and cozy cell he sleeps happily for 3 days straight after the devestating disaster and crazy descent of events!

zzzZzzZzzzzZZzz …

A short story by Bob Axell

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