Flower Tucci

“Other women are stupid because they give up their pussy for nothing.”

RAY: How do you pronounce your name?

FLOWER: Like ‘tushey’.

RAY: Everybody fucks that up, don’t they.

FLOWER: Yeah, they do. They think its Italian, like ‘Gucci’. But I’m Italian, so that’s cool. Irish, Swedish, and Italian. And I like to have a little Italian in me now and then.

RAY: Or a big Italian?

FLOWER: Yes! With a big fat cock…

RAY: How long have you been doing porn?

FLOWER: Four years. Since 2002.

RAY: Good times?

FLOWER: Yes. The business is what you make it.

RAY: You’ve got a strong personality.

FLOWER: Well, I do a radio show, so if I can talk out of my ass for an hour, I can talk about anything.

RAY: What are your current projects?

FLOWER: I’m working on my third movie with Elegant Angel, Flower’s Squirt Shower 3. Other than that… Just shooting around porn valley for all the companies. I’m always working. I worked new year’s eve, new year’s day… I was in New York, Miami, Las Vegas… So I’ve been busy. But that’s the way to be!

RAY: What did you do before porn?

FLOWER: I was a cake decorator in a bakery. I used to bake the cakes and do the cream filling. A little added squirt now & then….

RAY: Cute. How did you first get into porn?

FLOWER: I answered an ad in the LA Weekly. I did my first movie with Lexington Steele. Balls-Deep 6, baby. Anabolic.

RAY: Interracial from the start.

FLOWER: Yep. My first black man ever in my life. What a way to start! And then I sent Seymore an email to say ‘thank you’ to Alisha Klass, Samantha Styles, Taylor Hayes, Shane, and all the Tushey Girls from the past. He emailed me back and said that he’d like to meet me and talk about my goals. So I met him for the first time on the set of Showtime’s Family Business. You can see the scene in ‘Welcome to Casa Butts’. I squirt in a stretch limo. All the way from one seat to the other. It hit all the camera guys with squirt. They were freaking out. [Laughs]

RAY: Tell me about Flower.

FLOWER: I talk a lot of shit. I’m very sarcastic. But I’m also very conservative and quiet, too. I love music. I don’t watch television. I hate it. I’ll watch movies if I’m into it, but that’s very rare. I watch a lot of porn. I love to dance. I like to be outdoors. I like to go hiking and snowboarding. I’m very active. I like to go to the beach and have mimosas. Shit like that. And I like to get fucked. I’m really busy fucking most of the time.

RAY: Which beaches do you hit?

FLOWER: Laguna and Santa Barbara. Malibu’s cool too, but I don’t go in the water there. I’ll go in at Carlsbad in San Diego. One of the cleanest beaches in California.

RAY: Who do you enjoy working with?

FLOWER: Manuel Ferrara. I love him. I want to be his fucking whore. I am his fucking whore, actually. You can ask him. Ask him who his fuckin’ whore is!

RAY: I’ll be sure to do that. What bothers you about porn?

FLOWER: The girls could be a little friendlier. I mean, I know a lot of cool girls, but there are some stupid chicks in the business that are cunts. Most of the guys suck too. The male talent could be a lot better. It’s just not that great right now. I can think of maybe five great performers that I really like. There’s Manuel, Michael Stefano, Mark Ashley, Billy Glide, Mark Wood, Mark Davis, Evan Stone of course, and Randy Spears… All the big dogs… But all the new guys trying to get in right now, I don’t even know how the fuck they get in. I can’t believe they’re getting paid to fuck. I show up and I’m like “I’ve gotta fuck that guy? Oh my god…” I would love to change the talent.

RAY: Anyone in particular?

FLOWER: Steve French. Ugh. Or Sergio… Or all those guys that you’ve never heard of. There are some losers that can’t even get their dick up. They want a paycheck but they don’t even like women. They just want to fuck and get paid. I don’t like that.

RAY: I don’t understand that… I get wood just thinking about a shoot.

FLOWER: Yeah! I mean, my pussy gets wet instantly. When I see a cock in my face I just wanna suck it, ya know?

RAY: Hmmm…

FLOWER: [Laughs] Pull it out! I can get it all the way down my throat.

RAY: This is only day one, Flower. Let’s pace ourselves.

FLOWER: [Laughs] I already got laid last night. I soaked a couch at the Venitian.

RAY: I soaked a washcloth at the Comfort Inn.

FLOWER: [Laughs] That is so sad! I soaked that couch all the way through the cushion. It was dripping out. I squirted all the way accross the table. I hit the television… Sprayed the window…

RAY: I’m sure housekeeping was pleased.

FLOWER: Oh wow… Are you getting a boner?

RAY: Is it obvious?

FLOWER: I like boners. My dog’s name is Boner.

RAY: What kind of dog?

FLOWER: Boston Terrier. If you get one, get a male. They’re more docile. The females are very hyper and protective. They bark a lot. But the males are very mellow.

RAY: Less drama with the males.

FLOWER: Exactly.

RAY: Just like with people.

FLOWER: I dunno about that… Not most of the guys I meet! I like Euro men, actually. Most of the American men seem to be too racist and into themselves. They don’t want to please women. They just want to get their rocks off because they don’t know what they’re doing and they never grew up. Sorry American guys…

RAY: It’s okay… I’m… uh, German.

FLOWER: OK, cool. [Laughs] I just meant sorry American guys in general.

RAY: Euro guys… So you must like working for PRIVATE.

FLOWER: I haven’t worked for them yet. I might be getting shot for PIRATE magazine, which is published by PRIVATE. I just went and did a test shoot for them.

RAY: Is there anyone you haven’t worked with that you’d like to?

FLOWER: I haven’t worked with Evan Stone. I would like to work with Evan. He’s a good guy. He’s hilarious. I worked with Randy Spears — He’s funny too.

RAY: Is that all it takes? Funny?

FLOWER: Wait until you see the gag reel at the AVN Awards. I’m in it… Literally gagging, of course.

RAY: I guess I’ll have to rent that.

FLOWER: You’re not going?! Ugh. Don’t worry… It’s so boring. The only exciting time is the gag reel. You’re not missing anything.

RAY: So what do you ultimately hope to do in porn?

FLOWER: I want to get into production. I would like to be a writer. I want to make good fuckin’ porn. I would like to write a column or do a radio show. Maybe Sirius. Right now podcasting seems to be the big thing, so if I can get on that… I’ll have to submit all my tapes from my radio show. It’s damn good.

RAY: What was your best scene ever?

FLOWER: Anything in Flower’s Squirt Shower 1 & 2 from Elegant Angel. Part 3 will be out soon. I also did a scene for Wicked. Hook-Ups #9. It’s up in a tree. It’s probably one of my favorite scenes. I had sex up in a big fucking tree — Boy/Girl anal with Manuel Ferarra. Another favorite is Anal Expedition #10 with me Michael Stefanno and Melissa Lauren. It’s hot!

RAY: What’s the most intense scene you ever shot?

FLOWER: I once fucked two donkeys. [Laughs] No, I’m just kidding… But I did fuck four guys at the same time. For internet. It turned up in a video called Gangbang: Life of the Party. It was great.

RAY: Were you wild growing up?

FLOWER: I did pageants and showed horses… I was always very assertive. I think I scared a lot of people. But I was never the ‘wild girl’ in high school. I played sports like basketball and softball. I was really outgoing, but I wasn’t skanky. I never slept with anybody I went to highschool with. I did sleep with some guys out of my high school, but I kept it a rule that you don’t fuck people who go to school with you because it gets around. I probably only had sex with like 10 guys before I got into porn. I did some experimenting, of course. I dropped LSD with friends… You know. Did speed, smoked a lot of pot, shit like that. But that was short-lived and I was young. I was willing to do anything to have fun.

RAY: Would people who knew you growing up be surprised by your chosen career?

FLOWER: Yes, they would be very surprised. A couple of people know and they can’t believe it. They trip out on it and always say how different I look. And then the guys will be like “I remember you were my first kiss”, and I’m like “I don’t remember that!” I guess because it wasn’t my first kiss… But whatever. I’m on Classmates.com, but I don’t say that I do adult. If they find out, cool. Otherwise… It’s none of their business.

RAY: Does your family know?

FLOWER: Yes, they do. They love me. My mom doesn’t like what I do, but she still loves me. It’s a business, and it’s a good one to be in. I get paid to have sex, and I happen to love having sex.

RAY: How young are you?

FLOWER: How young am I? [Laughs] 25 years young. I just had my birthday. I was born January 2, 1981.

RAY: You’re a Capricorn.

FLOWER: I sure am. That’s why I’m a workaholic. It’s one of the traits. I’m very cautious too. I have a split-personality because I’m Capricorn / Gemini. So I’m very cautious on one hand, but then I’m like “Fuck it! Just do it!” Like the devil & the angel tearing at me.

RAY: What are the pros & cons of porn?

FLOWER: You know, I totally accept what I do and I love it. But I do notice that out there in the real world if you try to date guys who aren’t in the business or aren’t around it, they just don’t understand it. Especially here in America. So you can’t really have a relationship outside the business. But you also can’t have one with people who are in the business. So it’s kind of a Catch-22. So I just fuck myself a lot and fuck on film. There’s the occasional lucky couple of guys in the business who I might fuck, but that’s it. So, the pros are that it’s fun. You get to go out, get dressed-up, have your make-up done… You get to see yourself on film. I love it. I think it’s like having memories that will outlive me. My tushey’s legendary. When did we first meet, anyway?

RAY: I think at that Heidi Fleiss party.

FLOWER: Oh yeah.

RAY: You were with Teagan.

FLOWER: Teagan’s a little hottie. She’s supposed to be here… That’s one girl I need a photo with. Her and Belladonna. I haven’t seen her around much. She still does her movies with Evil Angel, though. Nice girl. I did her baby shower.

RAY: Are you an exhibitionist?

FLOWER: I’m a voyer. I love to watch. I have mirrors up in my room. I like to watch when guys fuck me. I like to watch people get fucked. I love porn!

RAY: What’s the first porn you ever saw?

FLOWER: Seymore Butts’ Orgasmatic. The Sybian movie. That was the first porno I ever got on VCR tape.

RAY: How young were you when you found that?

FLOWER: I was 20. I wasn’t that young, but that was the first time I ever watched porn. I had friends who would put on tapes and stuff, but I would just leave the room. I wasn’t into it. Then when I was 20 and had a boyfriend, we’d watch porn together. I’d buy dildos and masturbate for him. All that stuff. We went our separate ways eventually tho. The world’s a big place. There are a lot of fish in the sea. I don’t have time for committments. After five years, relationships go to shit. You’ve got to find somebody new every five years. Don’t get married. When you’re old and you just need somebody to be around, then settle down. You know, when you just need somebody to sit there and listen to you talk jibberish.

RAY: Do you think porn girls are different from other girls?

FLOWER: No, not at all. I just think other women are stupid because they give up their pussy for nothing. Porn girls are smarter. At least we get fuckin’ paid. You know? Pay for that shit. Girls are out there givin’ it up for free left and right. Getting VD, not getting tested… At least porn girls are tested. It’s safer. Women have a worth and a value. You can’t really put a dollar amount on it, but… I don’t want to be in the Army. I don’t want to be a Firefighter. I believe women have brains, but I don’t believe they compare to men’s physical capabilities. I just think it makes men’s jobs harder when there’s a girl on the job. I believe regular women are just not in touch with their sexuality. They believe in more in the American way — That you’re not supposed to touch yourself or enjoy anything. “Sex is bad” and it’s really sad that’s ingrained in them from youth. That sex is a bad, dirty thing. Porn girls are definitely more open with themselves and their beauty. It’s an art, and it’s a form of entertainment. We ‘get it’, ya know? I wish more women would watch porn and demand what they would like to see. Things would be different. There are a lot of women in this business, and if they would just stick together instead of being catty… It’s hard to find women that don’t get their periods in the way of their brains. They all get on the rag at the same time and fight.

RAY: Are you on the rag now?

FLOWER: No! I just got off it, so I can fuck and have a good time.

RAY: So can I hire you to decorate my birthday cake?

FLOWER: [Laughs] Yeah, I have all the equipment. Do you want a boobie cake? Or a pussy cake?

RAY: I want a tushey cake.

FLOWER: Just a nice big ass?

RAY: Yeah. Can you do that?

FLOWER: Sure! I would just take a couple rounds, stick them together, pile ’em up, and then ice them. Maybe make a little lip-age from behind… Put a little brown-eye on it and you’re set!

RAY: Eww.

FLOWER: I can do a fudge-filling if you want, too… That would be great! [Laughs] Or maybe custard!

RAY: Lovely.

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