Disco inferno

Italian teenagers are flocking to nightclubs to hear the 14th century poetry of Dante.

Passages from Dante’s The Divine Comedy have been set to music by leading Italian DJ, Alessio Bertallot.

He spins the discs while actress Lucilla Giagnoni reads the poetry at the Disco Inferno events.

The music ranges from rock to jazz and techno dance music, reports The Daily Telegraph.

The show has become so popular that it is touring the Italy, culminating with a night at Rome’s prestigious Auditorium venue early next year.

Many of the shows have been performed for free at Italian universities, including one on a helicopter landing pad at the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Milan’s Polytechnic.

“The poetry is great for shouting out loud,” said Ms Giagnoni. “The words are so strong that when you hear them in public, in a group, everyone stops to take note.”

Mr Bertallot added: “We wanted to bring theatre into the clubs. On the stage there is just me and Lucilla. She recites Dante, and I also read various bits in a sort of rap.

“But my main job is to construct a soundscape for a voyage into the Dantean circles of hell.

“I’m no expert on The Divine Comedy. I studied it at secondary school, and then Lucilla helped me through it. I selected the songs because of their emotional effect.”

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