Fined for putting rubbish in bin

A Lincolnshire pensioner was fined £75 for putting a bag of rubbish – in a bin.

John Richards, 84, left a neatly parcelled carrier bag in a lamp-post bin rather than wait ten days for his fortnightly waste collection.

But council officials tracked him down and accused him of fly-tipping, reports The Sun.

They said he faced a fine of up to £2,500 if he went to court so Mr Richards, of Boston, handed over nearly three-quarters of his weekly pension to pay the £75 penalty.

He said: “It’s just ludicrous. I’ve never thrown litter in my life. It’s only a small house and it would be intolerable to keep rotting food waste indoors until the next collection.”

A council spokesman said: “Public bins are there for everyone to use. If one is repeatedly filled by an individual it creates a problem.”

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