Car for sale – after 40 years

A Swindon man is selling his Wolseley car – after 40 years and 133,000 miles.

Jozef Dudzik bought his Wolseley 16/60 new for £760 in 1967. It has been used daily by his family ever since.

Three of his four grandchildren learned to drive in it and his grandson would still take it for a spin, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Examples of the rare car, which Mr Dudzik bought in his native Poland, are worth up to £5,000 in mint condition.

But after four decades of faithful service the Wolseley failed its MOT on Saturday due to rust problems.

Mr Dudzik, 87, used to take the car back to see relatives in Poland. He now says he is open to offers if a keen mechanic wants to take on the classic car.

“It would be a real shame to see it go to scrap,” he said. “Even now after 40 years the car starts first time, better than newer cars even. It has been used normally every day in the family from new.

“Three of my four children learned to drive in it, and now my grandson Sebastian drives it, usually to go and get me petrol from one of the few places that still sell four-star leaded.”

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