A fairytale without Angels

Snow spreadys dearly
Over the lake clearly
In a rearview mirror
Over fields a fairy

Headless beheaded angels
Falling from the sky
Tears from the god
That bestowed upon me life

The one I never met
The one I do not believe exists
I fight him off with my mind
I cannot fight him with my fists

Devils and satanspawn
Tresspassing on my lawn
A bishop to take my head
Every time I move a pawn

Like a board of chess
Every time I move a piece
The game is one piece less
Until the game will seize

Cloudy clouds float over
My head so cloudy with fear
With legs like jello
I stumble into a new year

Fireworks light the sky up
Fill the world with joy
Silently smashing in splinters
That rain down around my bouye

Waves fearlessly bashing
The jagged edges of rocks
Coldness slowly creeping
Through my shielded socks

Even with my shoes on
The water reaches my feet
Even with a triumph
I will at last be beat

No matter how many I am
Allways seems like they are more
I cannot escape my land
I live but I will die and thats all

A so depressing sensation
The notion of meaningless speed
A life living without rations
Or possesions or stuff that I need

A life with no chess to play
And escape from my unescaple ways
No screen to escape into
And remain and lure and betray

A place to seek shelter
When all else armor fails
I don’t believe in ghosts
I live in my own fairytales

Fairytales without angels
Or poets or poetry near
A place so far away
A place swallowed in fear

A place where if you turn the light out
There is no way to escape
No way to return to the light, out
Of this place of heat and hate

A hell is where I dwell
Where I live and from where I tell
The letter that I am writing
To say that all is well

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