You’ve always been like a son to me
You have, my dear Sonny Boy
I remember when you first came here
I danced around with joy

Blood – It does not mean anything
It forms no heavy bonds
True friendship it goes further
True friendship goes beyond.

Do you remember the summers
We spent on that wrecked old boat?
The sunbathed timewashed shipwreck
That somehow stayed afloat

We may not have gotten many fishes
But I remember, that it was fun
Thats why I called you sonny
Like the sun, like my son.

Was I not always kind to you?
I gave you whatever you asked
Now you place me in this casket
Will you ever look back?

I raised you since you were tiny
And it was no easy task
All that time you were not truly happy?
Were you hiding behind a mask?

I know that I was happy
I remember that I had fun
The job always came second for me
My family was number one

Don’t tell me I raised you poorly
I havn’t used you in any way
Why is it you now betray me?
Please Sonny, say.

Don’t you remember the great times
We spent in the years of young
The summers we spent fishing
Under the brightred sun?

I do not ask for much from you
Would kindness be too much?
Have you place in your heart
For a person such?

As me.

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