Sitting on the clouds
So fluffy white and soft
Looking down upon us
From his humanforsaken loft

Studying our actions
Guessing what we’ll do
Reading through the archives
As flowers die and bloom

And then when he looked down again
The dinosaurs were gone
He was struck by surprise
And his face grew long

The big beasts he admired
Had dissapeared in a daze
Of hazey grey clouds
Flooding the great space

And in it’s place were insects
So disgusting and small
He regreted he had created
This round world at all

So he decided to move
And as the nature grew
He flew away into
New dimensions and flew

Through time and shrubbery
And landed upon the face
Of a fuzzy surface
Over a redish daze

And he created a planet
And all life then surfaced
And he sat there reading archives
While humans went to waste.

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