I don’t ever like to listen
To the chitter from the birds
I plug my big ears
And I don’t listen to this world

I hear outside what happens
I hear it load and clear
Everyday when I wake up
The morning is still there

A moose trips on the bucket
I left outside to rot
A bear steps in the pot
I placed outside my porch

I lay inside and snore
While the wind knocks on my door
I hear the lions roar
Far away in friendly dreams

It’s never what it seems
It’s just what it seems to be
Everything is so simple
I have everything I need

I live out in the free
In the woods were I can breath
And live my life away
From all the people that I heed

Here I can do what I want
Here I can jump and sneeze
Here I can howl with anger
Or just sit on my knees

I do what I please
I flee from disease
Chaos – distruction

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