I went out yesterday
To buy some gold ore
From seven eleven
My corner store

But they were out of stock
And would have some more
First next week
So I went to seek

Other places in which I could buy
Golden dust for my darkblue sky
But they only sold clothes
And cheaply oiled fries

So I thought abould gold
And I thought about my life
And I though for a long time!
And then I realized

Why is it that I decorate my room?
When the sky is filled with stars outside
Why is it that I stare at the moon?
On cheap movies in which monsters hide

Isn’t life to great to spend in a soffa?
When I could spend it up in a tree
Are you blind have you been brainwashed?
How are you living – don’t you see

All I really seek is freedom
All I really want is to be free
I don’t need questions or answers
I don’t need electricity

I don’t need economy or cities
I want to live in a small society
Where it doesn’t matter if you are pretty
And you can sleep at night peacefuly

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