Capture 2

The book is capture two
The year is twothousandeight
And I’m feeling good
Oh yes I’m feeling great

Can you capture the moment?
Can you cage it like I can?
There is only one like me
That’s me, that’s who I am

I don’t mean to be arrogent
I don’t mean to be mean
But poetry like mine?
Is previously unseen

I may be rivaled by many
But defeated by very few
Who dares challege me?
In poetry, do you?

We all do our does
And live our dusty lifes
Do all for adrenaline
Sleep with each others wives

This world is way to dull
For humans like we
We are born by action
Driven by curiosity

We are tender and fragile
We are violent and wild
I am your nemesis
I am the third child

I have power and wisdom
In my words I revoke
The pieces I gather
In creativness soak

If you only listen
I’m sure that you will find
A long lost piece
Of your suddle mind.

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