Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel is leading the altporn movement with her website She has recently taken her tattooed sexuality and put it on DVD, her own and others. Check out what this web mistress cum porn star has to say about life, sex and what makes altporn ‘alt’.

How long have you been in porn?
Well… the first time I got naked on camera was three years ago. In my senior year of college my roommate and I had this ridiculous idea to start a porn site and we just kinda went with it. It was hard to find models at first (mostly because we had no idea what we were doing and like, didn’t even own a camera) so I was like…well, maybe if I do it then it will be easier to explain to other girls why they should do it. This ridiculous porn site idea wound up being a pretty good one… and you can see it yourself on

After being online for about a year and a half, I was like… we should start making movies. By that point I learned a little more about the business and myself, and realized there was a really dirty exhibitionist inside me that needed more than just a still camera to really be captured appropriately.

What inspired you to start your website
Well, it was a mixture of having no post graduation plans, wanting to get back at my ex boyfriend, and the desire to be nothing like my mom.

What makes it important?
The fact that there is personality behind it- like it takes more than just a pretty face to be a BurningAngel model. Having a unique attitude is really important to me, and I make sure that everyone’s personality is equally as apparent as their tits.

Where you the first burning angel girl?

What do you think of suicide girls?
They’re like the McDonalds of alt porn.

What do you think they think of you?
I don’t really know. I hear some nasty rumors about their opinions, but the internet is like a big game of telephone. I know that the company really prides themselves on being “pin up” and not porn so as far as I know, they’re not too fond of me and my love for putting things in my ass.

Beyond the tattoos and piercing is there a difference between and an alt porn girls and “mainstream” porn girls or is it just another genre and another pay check?
Richard Kern took some photos of me, and said something along the lines of “Joanna doesn’t do this for the money… she does it because she’s crazy…” and he meant that in the nicest way. Like I really love what I do and I don’t think I’m being presumptuous when I speak for the other girls on BurningAngel as well. If we were just doing this for the pay check… we wouldn’t be so “alt.” We really like doing this…. And that’s what begins to separate us from a lot of other people.

Is there a difference between the types of people that watch your porn vs. mainstream porn or is this something new for the average Joe to jerk it to?
I like to think of my porn like the Simpsons. I mean… anyone can jerk off to it… but if you come from a certain subculture and fall into a certain demographic you’ll appreciate it on a different level.

In mainstream porn, rockers like Tommy Lee date typical porn girls like Jesse Jane – your blonde big titted girls. In your first movie you interview a lot of Indie rock guys. Will there be a trend of Indie rock guys dating alt porn girls?
I don’t know. If I was an expert on relationships I don’t know if I’d really be here right now.

What made you decide to crossover from having an internet site to producing DVDs?
After I went to my first AVN Expo I came to the conclusion that I really liked porn.

You recently have been in adult productions other than your own? What prompted that decision?
I realized that I could really learn a lot from working with other directors and it would make me better at what I do. It was a sad gloomy day when I realized that I wasn’t the best porn director on earth but the conclusion led to very positive changes.

What was it like shooting for a production that wasn’t your own?
It’s so nice when there is like a lighting problem, or someone doesn’t show up, or some typical porno disaster and I don’t have to do anything about it. It’s like being on vacation.

What’s your ultimate goal in this business?
To make BurningAngel as big as Hustler.

When will enough be enough and what lies ahead post-porn?
You mean… there is a post-porn?! Yikes. I never really thought about that.

Do you ever date civilians?
Eh… I did. I don’t think I want to anymore. But I’d hardly call dudes in bands “civilized.”

Has your profession affected your sex life?
Yeah. It’s one of those things like… you can’t have a normal love life after you enter the porn business as a performer. You just can’t. But if you’re as crazy as I am it’s totally worth it.

Have you ever done anything on camera that you had never done in your personal life?
Yeah… Mr. Marcus, and a DP.

Who did you do your DP with?
Tommy Pistol and James Deen, for my new movie Joanna’s Angels.

Did you like it?
What do you think? Duh!

Any plans for double anal?
I don’t think that would fit.

Do you ever watch your own movies for uh…..erotic purposes?
Yeah… but I don’t like jerk off to how hot I am- the guy I’m with in Joanna’s Angels is so hot and sometimes I watch the two of us fuck and like… you know… do stuff.

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