Brittney Skye

So, Britney, how’d you get into the business?

Well, I went down and took some pictures, like everyone else I guess. I got a call back like an hour later.

How old were you?

I don’t know, how old am I now? I was like twenty-two.

OK, what is your ultimate goal in this business?

To make lots and lots of fucking money.

Like Jenna Jameson money.

Oh, yeah that’d be nice. I have lots of fun at work and I make good money.

Do you have an AVN award yet?


Are you nominated?


For what?

I’m not sure exactly, I know I’m best actress for some movie, and then like a sex scene, which I don’t really remember shooting.

‘Tis the life. How many scenes do you usually do in a month?

This month I think I worked twenty-eight days straight.


Yeah, it’s been a really good month. Usually I work twenty to twenty-five.

Where did you grow up?

Cali – Valley girl!

Valley girl all your life. So what were you like in high school? Were you like the shy kid or the cool kid or the nerdy kid?

I was the horny kid. I kind of liked to fuck a lot. And I also liked to snow board so I didn’t show up for school that often. I was a bad girl.

The best kind of girl to be. So are you an exhibitionist like most of the girls in the business or are you kind of private?

I think lately I’ve become more private. I think porn has made me more private, because I get to live it out everyday. But before that I was probably more into it.

Like sex where everyone can see you.

Yeah, I guess so.

Before you got into the business, where was the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?

I had sex in the parking garage when I was living with my mom because we were trying to figure out somewhere to go. We just went down to the parking garage to do it really quick because we were horny and had stuff to do that day.

So when you’re at home and you’re by yourself or just with a guy do you fuck like a porn star?

Oh, no, I’m not into partying at all, but I like to masturbate a lot. My favorite thing to do is sit on my couch, watch my big screen and play with my clit. I could do that for hours. Order some fucking pizza and chocolate cake and I’m happy.

So you don’t like people watching you at all. Like people peeping over your back yard, into your house.

Oh, that’d be fucking weird.

Some people kind of like that, some people are open.

No, not at all. I think I like having somebody over.

Oh, well, alright. Do you have a beau right now in your life?


What kind of guy do you look for?

I like two different kinds of guys. I like Eminem, and I like Tony Soprano. That’s pretty much it. I like the blonde hair blue eye thing and I think I kind of like assholes.

Like the big-guy asshole type?

I really like Tony Soprano. I don’t know what it is; he is really fucking hot to me.

He’s very cool, very in charge.

Yeah, that’s what it is.

So, in a relationship you want the guys to take control.

Yeah, I’m like totally submissive. But I’m a Scorpio so I know exactly what I want. I’m very hard to please.

What pleases you?

What do you mean?

Like what does a guy have to do to get in your pants –err panties?

You just have to be like really hot! And like to fuck a lot. But to actually win me over, be the Tony Soprano type.

Do you go out to bars much?

No, not really. I’m more into…

Staying at home, masturbating.

Yeah. I like drink lots of wine.

Well, that’s good. Have you ever gone to a video store to rent one of your movies?

When I first started, yeah because I didn’t know where you could go get ’em. I remember when that Power’s shit came out, like the Dirty Debutantes. Because it totally looked like me because it was something I would wear. It was like a wife beater and jeans. And I did my own hair and make up and I went into the store and someone was like “Number 213!” And I’m like, “yeah.”

Nice, so people recognized you there. Do you ever get recognized while you’re in public right now?

Yeah, a lot lately.

Do you get uncomfortable?

It really depends who I’m with. It’s uncomfortable if I’m with people I don’t really want to talk to about it with.

So there’s like two sides to you.

No, I mean everyone knows what I do, but when I’m like at dinner with my mom and a waitress comes up asking me for my autograph, it’s kind of weird.

Jenna Haze loves being recognized.

Oh really?

Yeah, I go out with her and someone will say, “Oh, you’re Jenna Haze,” and she’s like, “I am!”

You know it’s funny, more girls recognize me than guys. I mean, maybe girls just have more balls to come up and talk to me but they’re like, “Oh my God we love you.”

If I was in public I would send a girl to go talk to you. So you like to stay home and watch TV. What kind of shows do you like?

I’m into horror movies. Like Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The remake. Every Tuesday I go to Best Buy for the new releases and get DVDs. Every Friday I go and watch what came out at the movies. I’m really into movies.

So you don’t like reality shows.


Yeah, I’m more of a movie guy myself. What do you think of Asian guys? Have you ever dated any?

No, I haven’t.

Do you have any stereo types about Asian men?

I’ve heard the small penis thing.

Seriously? Untrue, I mean we’re all at least 3-4 inches. That’s good, right?

3-4? Yeah.


No. Actually I like short and thick.

What’s short and thick?

I don’t care how long, really…Because my G spot is really close up front. I’m very shallow.

How about long and thin, like a chop stick, that’s why we invented it. I mean, we could floss.

No, I don’t get very deep.

Foiled again! OK, name me your three favorite porn movies of all time.

Ok, Nacho’s Back 2 Evil, Bella loves Jenna and the third has to be one of my Brittney’s Perversions.


I just fuckin’ love them, they’re so hot. That’s what I masturbate to.

You like watching yourself?

Oh yeah, I usually have so much fun at work, so I like to go back to remember how much fun I had.

Nice. If there was one mainstream actor you could have sex with who would it be?

I’d have to say like James Gandolfini. But then I’ll probably be shocked, because he won’t be so mean of a person. Probably have to just go with someone hot like Colin Farrell. Or Jerrod Leto.

A lot of girls like them. How ’bout if you could fuck any girl?

Pam or Carmen Electra.

Would you ever do a threesome with Carmen and Dave?

Oh fuck yeah!

Alright, well, thank you very much.

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