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It took a while, but I finally snatched me a chance to interview Krinkels. I hope you enjoy reading my interview with this all powerful flash animator. Brace yourself.

You have a very unique, yet simply drawn character design. A lot of people use some of the same drawing techniques you do; like the floating hands for instance. What I’m wondering is, did this character design just one day pop in your head? Or did some other animation inspire you to make Madness the way it is?

Marsh-Mellow-Madness was the very first animation I made with that style. I used it because I drew the little madness looking guys in my sketchbook all the time, and I thought that maybe I could stand a chance at animating something so simple.

About 90% of Madness is black and white. Before you made the series did you ever think of making it with color, or was black and white the route you wanted to go the whole time?

I really like the whole black and white thing, I find that it’s just plain stylish.

Ever since the first Madness the big enemy has been a Jesus-like character. What made you want to make the antagonist of Madness a character that resembled Jesus?

Because Jesus Christ is a world renouned pacifist. I just love the idea of a strictly non-violent person shooting the place up and making zombies.

A lot of people try to make spoofs of Madness, but none ever seem to have the magic touch you bring to it. Some even try to recreate Madness with color! What are your thoughts on these spoofs and the people who make them?

Most of them suck ass, frankly. Only because most of the people who are big enough fans to parody it are too impatient to make a decent flash movie. There have been a few, and just as mine did, they took their time with them to make them high quality.

Which Madness episode is your personal favorite and why?

Madness Combat 4, so far. It’s damn stylish. If I predict correctly, you guys will love it.

Tons of people go crazy over your Madness game. Can we expect you to make a new Madness game anytime soon?

From me? no. My partner in that game (Max Abernethy) shows no interest in a sequel, and I am thinking about a new series, so… after madness 4, this might be it from me.

Did you expect Madness to turn over such a huge fan base as it has? Also, did you ever have thoughts of making this an on going series before you found out how popular it was?

I really didn’t expect this much positive regard. It wasn’t until I posted Madness Redeemer until I knew it had a fan base, working on Avenger started to feel like real work because I knew people were eager to see it.

If it weren’t for the reaction, redeemer would have been the end.

On average, about how long does it take you to make a Madness episode?

Too damn long, like, about 6 months, average. maybe well over 250-300 hours. If I could work on it all the time, it would probably ome out sooner, but I’m a somewhat buzy college kid.

Where do you get all of your sound effects from? Do you create them yourself?

some, but most of them are taken from random websites. There is a wealth of free matereal out there!

Besides making Madness, what do you do to make money? What goals do you wish to accomplish in the future?

Right now, I am a security guard. It’s really lame. I hope to change my major from computer science over to something in the graphical department. Hopefully, I can make a bit of a name for myself animating in something other than flash (not like flash is lame, or anything)

It’s no doubt you have great flash skills, so I’m just wondering how long have you actually been using flash?

About two and a half years.

Do you ever plan on coming out with something different than Madness? If you do, how do you think the public is going to react when they see an animation from Krinkels that isn’t Madness?

Yeah, I got another idea for a series on paper, but I havent really tried anything with it yet. It’s going to be mostly variety violence/humor/comedy, so… more of the same… probably!

Out of my own curiosity, how did you come up with the name Krinkels?

Some primus song that I heard a long time ago, called ‘mr. krinkels’ I have no idea what that song is about.

Thank you for your time Krinkels. It was great interviewing you and I can’t wait to see more Madness.

No problem!

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