[Movie] Elizabeth – The Golden Age ( 2007 )

I’d heard nothing but great stuff about this movie before I watched it, and on TV they showed commercials for it 24/7. The commercials didn’t look that spectacular, but neverthless, I decided to go see it and judge for myself. Turned out it was a pretty good movie. From an abstract perspective it was great. The angles of filming and the different methods used and combined were varied and artistic. The plot itself wasn’t anything new though, since this is after all, a movie based upon a semihistorial event. The actors were all great, the characters had distinct personalities and it was intense watching. It’s nice having an insight in how the medival ages really were as well, there aren’t many movies based upon this age, at least not without knights and warriros. The idea of having a queen as the heroine, more specificly Elizabeth, a queen know to have bathed in the blood of her own servants, certainly is a nice twist to things. A few scenes in the movie are pretty comical, as the one where when potatoes are first introduced to the queen.

There isn’t a lot of war in the movie, it’s mostly drama and history. Partly it looks almost like a religious play, with lots of focus put on the different spectrums of light and the possible variations in emotion and location. Only at the end does all hell break lose, but it’s worthwhile the wait. It’s not one of the best movies I’ve seen, and it’s pretty shallow, with ocassional tragedy – a happy ending – and all the follows in typical hollywood style, but it’s not bad at all. See it if you havn’t.

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