[Movie] Shall We Dance? (2004)

I don’t usually watch movies about dancing, romance, or any of the similar, but yesterday I decided to make an exeption. Why? Because the only two movies they were shown yesterday night, on the channels we posess, were this one movie and Star Wars – Return of the Jedi ( which I have already seen, and will be reviewing below just for the sake of a 3rd review ).

Back to the movie. It was a surprisingly good movie. It had all that a romantic / dancing movie needs. Which is, basicly, romance and dances. The main actors ( two of them ) consist of a dude the looks almost like Harrison Ford and the other, Jennifer Lopez, both great actors, and seemling very good dancers as well. Watching the various dances in the movie almost makes me want to dance myself. Everything looks so smooth, elegant and beautiful.The story evolves around the grey-haied Harrison Ford character and his various dancing experiences, which aren’t always that great. It’s one of those movies that lets you both laugh and cry. The dances are definatly worth watching, much more watchworthy than real dancing, heh, and as the movie is pretty short it never gets boring either. If you’re looking for endless action, look elsewhere, otherwise I reccomend this. No unhappy endings here either.

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