[Movie] Star Wars – Return of the Jedi (1983)

It’s the final movie. The end is near. The whole series finaly reaches it’s finale. It’s an intense one as such, and of all the Star Wars movies it just might be my second favorite ( first one being part one, the newer one ). The special effects are stunning considering how old the movie is and the other styles that were more commonly used at that time. The plot is unique, the main characters all do a reasonalbe job at acting, and it’s overall a nice and easy mixture of comedy, fiction, action and drama. Just like all the other Star Wars movies, it’s a great watch. Easy to follow, not too intense, not too corny and with varied scenery and events to look at. Truly is a masterpiece of its time.

I won’t talk much about the plot since I suppose you are all already familiar with the Star Wars doubletrilogy. Basicly this part of the series features the final battle between the rebel forces and the darkside, that’s all.

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