[Movie] One (2001)

Theres not one universe, there are many. A multiverse, 125 different universes, all linked together. There is not one unit, there are many. 124 units, all linked together. A squad has been built to keep law and order between these dimensions. One of the pople in it, Yulaw, once had to confront a unit linked to him, and kill it. The energy from the victim flowed into him, and the other remaining version of him, and he was addicted. This is the story of his encounter with the very last unit like him. Things don’t turn out as easy as with his previous killings this time. The unit he meets is wellbalanced, and lives a completly different life than he does, but is still great at fighting. A simple, yet unique plot, with great heavy music in the background. At the end when the two are having their final showdown and Papa Roaches tune pops into the background, singng “is it our nature to kill ourselves, is it our nature to destroy ourselves, is it our nature to kill each other . . .” the song gets a whole new meaning, heh. The actors are good, sepcially Jet Li, who plays both main characters, and one of the previous victims. The special effects however, are pretty crappy at times. The movie isn’t that old, so I think they could have done a better job when it comes to that. If you look closely you’ll notice a few mistakes they’ve made once and then, but other than that this is a truly good movie. Very nicely filmed, with a great storyline and good actors. I definatly reccomend this one.

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