[Movie] Captain America (1990)

Now this is a different movie, and though the idea is, to a nonamerican like me, pretty stupid, it did the job of entertaining me pretty well. The main character looks ridiculous, and so does the villian. The plot is typical and the jokes are too bad to laught at. The main character is blonde and blueyed, the enemy is dark and browneyed. The plot is very predictable as well. It was nicely filmed though, with good angles, beautiful scenery and a final scene was filled with suspense, but the extreme patriotism involved lowered my likings of it.. Great propoganda for the American nation though, and I don’t want to judge this unfairly just because of the sublimminal messages in it, it’s a good movie, amusing despite it’s flaws, and easily watchable. I hear a new one is arriving in 2009, which I will be looking forward to.

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