Love takes time

Brits take an average of 22 dates, three one-night stands and three long-term relationships before settling down, says a new poll.

Couples revealed how long it had taken to find The One for entertainment website BT PodShow.

Some needed as many as 50 dates with potential partners. And nine per cent reckon it takes at least ten one-night stands.

Talking regularly and an active sex life were what people were looking for.

Poor personal hygiene, no sense of humour and being bad in bed were the biggest turn-offs, the poll found.

The good news for those still searching is this weekend is the best chance of the year to banish those single days.

Relationship expert Jo Hemmings said: “The four-day Bank Holiday gives us double the free time of a normal weekend, so double the chances to enjoy ourselves and find love.

“And the onset of spring, a full moon and an abundance of chocolate Easter eggs will all play their part.”

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