Ultimate boy’s toy

University boffins have created the ultimate boy’s toy – a full-sized remote control Hummer H3.

Engineers from Cranfield University, Bedfordshire, took a month to convert the £34,000 car into an oversized child’s toy.

Dr James Brighton, who masterminded the project, said: “All controllers will be amazed by the handling ability – the best any radio-controlled vehicle has had to date.

“The vehicle is capable of climbing a 407mm vertical wall, traverse a 40% slope and operate in up to 610mm of water.”

Steve Catlin, from Hummer, said: “Hummer is like no other – as the ultimate workhorse it is built for action and can handle off-roading with ease but also has a unique, iconic style.

“What better way to show off the definitive big boy’s toy than converting the Hummer H3 into a remote controlled car?”

Perhaps fortunately, children will not be able to put the remote controlled Hummer on their Christmas list. It was built only as a project and won’t be commercially available.

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