T5’s £90k cappuccinos

A businesswoman drank four cappuccinos in Heathrow’s troubled Terminal 5 – and was hit with a £360,000 bill.

Terri Patsalides, 59, who was waiting to meet a traveller, was handed the huge print-out at the Giraffe Juice Bar.

She told The Sun: “The baggage delay was so long I finished off four coffees.

“When I got the print-out I told the waitress that although they were very nice, I thought £90,000 a cup was a bit over the top.

“She went bright red when she saw my bill was £361,514.97 and said it should have been £12.”

Ms Patsalides, of Ealing, West London, works for Chiswick Auctions and was waiting to meet a client arriving from Hong Kong.

A Giraffe Juice Bar worker said: “It was just a glitch on the computer system. The bill was cancelled and everyone had a laugh.”

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