Man sues over ‘haunted’ house

An Italian family are preparing to sue the previous owners of their house for not telling them it was haunted.

Gaetano Bastianelli, 57, and his wife Stefania paid £94,000 for the home in the Umbrian town of Spoleto in 2005.

“We considered it the deal of the century,” said Mr Bastianelli, after the owners agreed to leave all the furniture and fittings, right down to the coffee cups.

The couple claim they were unaware the house had been built close to the disused Pozzi Ginori cemetery, or that an exorcism had been carried out there in the 1970s.

“The ghosts started their haunting on the first night,” said Mr Bastianelli, a former long-distance lorry driver.

“I woke suddenly at around one or two in the morning. There was water seeping from under the bathroom door.”

He claimed that by next morning, malevolent spirits had left “luminous green mould all over the walls”.

After that things got worse. He said the sound of chains rattling had alarmed his 10-year-old daughter, and claimed that the lawnmower and his wife’s car had spontaneously combusted.

Now Mr Bastianelli has engaged a lawyer, Antonio Francesconi, to sue the previous owners for failing to inform him that the house was haunted.

A local historian, Sergio Grifoni, confirmed that an exorcism had been performed on a girl in the house in 1977.

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