Armed police tackle OAP on scooter

Armed police raided an old folks’ home to arrest a pensioner in a cowboy hat brandishing a plastic pistol.

Eugene Hide, 75, was arrested as he raced up and down corridors on his electric mobility scooter, reports The Sun.

Staff dialled 999 complaining he was using “threatening” behaviour.

They evacuated all 25 residents while the armed response unit was scrambled.

Police dashed in to find Eugene waving his toy shooter in the air. He was taken away for questioning before being released without charge.

The retired council worker refused to comment yesterday, but he apologised to residents for “getting a bit excited”.

Friends said he was “agitated” because Rosenheath rest home in Stone, Staffs, is being closed down later this year.

Last year he was involved in a failed High Court bid to stop the council shutting it.

A friend said: “The stress of the closure must have pushed Eugene over the edge. Apparently the police screeched up armed to the teeth, jabbering into radios.

“It all seems a bit over the top, but if they had a report of an armed man they had to take it seriously.”

Sgt Dave Wain, of Staffordshire Police, said: “We arrested a man who was behaving in an erratic and threatening manner towards staff and residents.”

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