Victim offers robber a cuppa

A Czech man abandoned an armed robbery after a shop assistant invited him for a “nice cup of tea and a piece of cake”.

He had pulled out a gun to demand money from Marketa Vachova, 59, at the supermarket in Cesky Tesin in the northern Czech Republic.

But, even though his face was hidden by a Spiderman mask, Marketa decided the robber “seemed like a nice young man”.

She said: “I asked him why he was doing this and we got talking. There was no one else in the shop so I guess he relaxed a bit, and in the end he apologised.

“I said if he wanted he could come and talk to me and have a cup of tea and slice of home made cake to talk about his problems. He agreed and then walked off.”

Police are searching for the man who faces ten years in prison for attempted armed robbery.

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