Porn mix-up lands woman in jail

A US woman has been arrested after chasing her boyfriend with a knife after thinking he was an actor in a porn movie.

The victim says it all started when he and his girlfriend were inside his Albuquerque home watching the movie together.

He says 20-year-old Amanda Moya suddenly decided he was an actor in the film and went for him with a knife, reports

“She almost shanked me and everything. She put the knife right under my throat,” the victim told a 911 operator.

The victim, wearing only a pair of shorts, ran outside and down the road, still talking to the emergency service operator on his mobile phone.

He said Moya had already stabbed him in the face and bitten him on his chest.

The dispatcher told the victim to keep running and try to get inside a store. He finally managed to flag down a deputy who was responding to his distress call.

Deputies arrested Moya and charged her with aggravated assault and aggravated battery.

She was also charged with child abuse because deputies say she left her eight-month-old boy alone in the home while she chased her boyfriend down the road.

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