Cricket club bans sixes

A cricket club has banned its players from hitting sixes – on health and safety grounds.

Players at Harrogate Cricket Club, North Yorkshire, have been warned that if they hit balls over the boundary without bouncing it will count only as a four.

Harrogate Borough Council, owners of the ground, has decided that the ‘no six’ rule on the second pitch should be imposed on all players.

A report from the council says the decisions have been taken to achieve a balance with residents, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Mike Rawlings, Harrogate Cricket Club chairman said that the ruling doesn’t frustrate the players.

“As long as everyone knows the rules at the start of the game then you just play to those rules,” he said.

“Most of the neighbours are very supportive of the club, but we have the odd person who complains.”

Mr Rawlings says the club is now investing in nets to prevent balls going into neighbours’ gardens.

He said: “Most of them just throw the balls straight back, but some of the residents, the ones who have concerns, keep them. We hope the new nets will solve the problem.”

The pitch is used by the club’s third and fourth teams and by junior teams but is not suitable for national competitions.

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