Half cut?

A Manchester landlord has diversified – by setting up a barber’s shop in his pub.

Chris Cummins, licensee at the Assheton Arms, Middleton, splashed out £5,000 on equipping the salon.

“People can come in and have a pint, pie and a Perry Como,” he told the Middleton Guardian.

“I haven’t heard anyone else doing this and I think we may be the first pub in England to offer it.”

Chris, a former builder, has employed a full-time barber to work in the converted former stable.

Customers can access the shop directly off the street, or through the bar, making for one of the most unusual waiting rooms in the UK.

“Youngsters can use the door onto Long Street to come in,” added Mr Cummins. “But older people who want a drink while they wait can go to the bar and pick up a ticket when they order their drink.

“They can then have a drink in the bar while they wait to be called. Everyone at the bar has been really supportive of it,” he said. “They’re eager to try it out it was them who even helped us name it.

“We asked the regulars for their suggestions and someo

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