In the deluxe doghouse

Supermodel Rachel Hunter has splashed out on a mansion – for her pet dogs!

The deluxe doghouse is a scaled down version of Rod Stewart’s ex-wife’s own Californian home.

She commissioned La Petite Maison, which makes homes for pampered pooches for up to £25,000, to build it with terra cotta floors and wrought iron balconies.

The elaborate doghouses are created by builder Alan Mowrer and interior designer Michelle Pollak, who conceived the idea after several years making children’s playhouses.

Mrs Pollak said: “I mentioned half jokingly to our builder that we should build a luxury doghouse, and it went from there. I think people go to these lengths for their pets because they are considered part of the family now.

“Many of our clients have pets but don’t have children, so they’re doted upon and treated just as well as kids would be.

“Almost anything is available by way of accessories – air conditioning, custom beds, running water and interior design.”

Other styles of doghouses built by the US firm have included country cottages, lavish colonial mansions and an Alpine chalet for the owner of a St Bernard.

The homes can take from a few weeks to a year to build, using bricks, timber, plaster, stone, and tiles.

The most basic doghouses start at around £3,000 but clients can spend up to £25,000 on getting their pet on the property ladder.

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