Saying ‘I don’t’ in church

Swiss couples are flocking back to church – to get divorced.

An official liturgy for divorce ceremonies is now being determined as so many couples want to end their marriages where they started.

Zurich-based Protestant pastor Frank Worbs who is working on the liturgy said: “A ritual or symbolic process includes meetings with the priest beforehand in the same way that married couples have a meeting.

He said: “It helps divorced people to get over the separation and achieve definite closure. Sometimes there is no other solution but to separate.

“In such situations it is important to make the divorce as amicable as possible for the couple so that they can begin a new chapter in their lives. Other members of the family can also take part and come to terms with things more easily. ”

President of the Zurich Reform Church, Ruedi Reich, said: “Going through a ceremony like this is a way of showing God that the marriage is over.”

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