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An £80,000 a year banker gave up the high life to become a carpenter – only to discover he’s allergic to wood.

Dan Hill, 32, dreamt of a stress-free life after swapping his desk in the City of London for a workbench, reports the Daily Express.

But whenever he was in the workshop, he developed an itchy rash all over his body and his eyes were left streaming. Doctors diagnosed an allergy to dust and wood shavings.

He said: “I was gutted. All my friends thought I was mad giving up my City job. I had given up everything to become a carpenter to find out I’m allergic to wood.”

Dan had worked for investment bank UBS for eight years when he moved to Bideford in Devon and began training with a carpentry tutor.

“I had been fine just pottering around on my own but it all started to go wrong when I was doing it all day,” he said.

“I was making my first professional piece – a workbench for myself – out of African hardwood when I started to notice this red rash all over my hands and arms.

“My eyes stung all the time and were really sore. They were always red and puffed up and it was really unpleasant.”

He tried wearing a mask and gloves, but they offered little respite. Then, he began working with Welsh oak rather than African hardwood and discovered it did not cause the same discomfort.

Now he is moving to Mumbles, near Swansea, where there is a ready supply of the local timber.

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