Man builds vigilante robot

An American has built a water pistol-wielding ‘robot’ to look after his Atlanta neighbourhood.

Pub owner Rufus Terrill’s wife got the inspiration after her husband was threatened several times, reports the Daily Telegraph.

The ‘Bum Bot’ is waist-high, is emblazoned with the word “SECURITY”, has bright red lights, a spotlight, video camera and a water cannon on a spinning turret.

It has been on the beat since September, annoying some neighbours and the city’s homeless, who say the talking red box is intimidating.

The Bum Bot is not really a robot at all. It is remotely controlled by Terrill, who sends messages through its loudspeaker.

“It’s just like a video game,” says Mr Terrill who shows the robot’s video view in the bar so regulars can watch.

Mr Terrill, 57, says people feel safer and there has not been a break-in since the robot has been on the streets.

His bar now displays a sign which reads: “Home of the Bum Bot” and Mr Terrill is thinking of using the robot to help out in his campaign to become mayor of Atlanta.

“He’ll be my chief of staff. He’ll be parked in front of my office,” said Mr Terrill.

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