40 Famous Last Words

1. You’ll be perfectly safe behind this lead shield

2. That’s not smoke, that’s steam

3. Of course it’s sterile

4. We should have enough gas to make it to higher ground

5. The IRS expects you to cheat. Everybody does it !

6. It’s so tame, you can put your head in its mouth

7. Relax, I can get ya outta this easy. No sweat !

8. It was fresh just last week

9. These are the safe kind of mushrooms

10. It should be OK to swim in

11. He’s been a perfectly safe driver, ever since the accident

12. My wife’s not at all jealous. We have an “open” marriage

13. Clip the red wire first

14. These Jury trials never last more than a day or so

15. It’s unplugged, go ahead and remove the cover

16. It’s OK to format this disk

17. They don’t bother tourists, their economy depends on us

18. It’s supposed to make that noise

19. That law’s been on the book for years, they don’t even enforce it

20. It doesn’t look like the bridge is out

21. Besides, they only attack when they’re hungry

22. The boss won’t mind; anyway, he’ll never know

23. It shouldn’t take long to reach the Airport from here

24. I’m sure I turned all the lights off

25. I bet I can fit in there

26. The law requires regular safety inspections, don’t worry

27. Hey ! Relax ! I’ve done this hundreds of times

28. That’s only a puddle, go ahead, keep driving

29. He’s bluffing ! That’s a toy gun

30. Don’t worry, I’m always bringing people home for dinner

31. Let me assure you, this operation is routine

32. Those warning labels are only to avoid lawsuits

33. Broken? No, this works just fine!

34. I think it was this way … or maybe it was the other …

35. Yeah, i’m sure those piranyas are vegetarians …

36. No worries, don’t mind that warning sign, it’s been there for years …

37. No, thats not mine …

38. Oooh, i comletly forgot about that!

39. Lets go ask that nice person over there …

40. Hey, whats this?

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