Dying Superhero I – Introducktape

The first book of this is the crazy science fiction book series. The Superheroes, Superhumans and Supernatural beasts compilation. Complications can be expected. Read on, every chapter will deliver a dropkick in your face … huh? If this sounds unexpected, what did you expect ???

Table Of Chapters

Chapter 1 – A precausios scenery
Chapter 2 – Sam and Max hit the road
Chapter 3 – The Evil Plan
Chapter 4 – Unplanned Events
Chapter 5 – Batman Enters
Chapter 6 – Batman Enters … now
Chapter 7 – A mission for Batman
Chapter 8 – Plotting the Destruction
Chapter 9 – Evil Suspicion …

Extra Stuff

Character Information

Chapter 1 – A Precausios scenery

The tall grey buildings loomed high around him, reaching out for the warm blue sky, twisting themselves up towards the light. Their damp walls clouded with graphitti and drained of life. The dust had settled, the footsteps of the people had faded, the bomb ticked on monotonously somewhere far away in the maze of skyscrapers. A tiny gust of wind caused the dust to rise again, it whirled rapidly around his still feet and flew away in the same way as all the people had left. He stood still, waiting, trying to sense the bomb’s precise location. He closed his eyes, he slowly moved forwards, still with his eyes closed, letting his mind guide the way.

He moved slowly, one step at a time, a step after another, slowly, right into a manhole. It came out of nowhere and he fell down, down, down, down … and knocked his head lightly on the dark concrete walls two meters below. The bomb continued ticking somewhere in the distance …

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