Dying Superhero I – Introducktape

Chapter 8 – Plotting the destruction

B (Boom), CB (ChainBoom) and (BCD) Boomchained were hiding in their dark apartment, plotting the destruction of the Earth. They had for a long time been trying to get into the National Bank but had never suceeded … yet. Today was a special day though. Their father was getting out of jail. A stonecold sykopat by the name of Nuklear Bombstone. He had been in jail for over 58 years for killing 94 hells angels when they wouldn’t let him through on his way to robb the National Bank one day. He was considered the most Dangerous person in the entire country and the police would probably be tailing him in jets through the rest of his life. The Bombstone brothers had been working for 3 years to plan for his homecoming though, and with a few short phonecalls and a signal through the window the police jets were taken care of and Nuclear Bombstone escaped through a manhole … wich by the way, was the very same manhole that our superhero had fallen through a few days earlier.

Footsteps were now heard in the staircase, and soon enough Nuclear Bombstone marched in through the door, smelling like rotting fish and with a booming voice demanding an immediate shower. The Bomb stone brothers directed him to the bathroom and while he showered and sang russian Opera music, shattering all the windows in the house (most of wich had allready been taken out due to the careful planning), the Bombstone brothers sat in a special bombproof isolated room discussing the National Bank Plot.

Meanwhile, T.I.A.O.R. ( The International Association Of Robbers ), were getting ready for a robbery 3 blocks down the street and a row of Police Hitman had been set up on all surrounding roofs. T.I.A.O.G. ( The International Association Of Gangsters ), were getting ready for a showdown on the other side of the National Bank, against the Italian Mafia. T.I.A.O.M. ( The International Association Of Murder ), were getting ready infront of the police house to slay all cops in the building and T.I.A.O.L. ( The International Association Of Legosoldiers ), were sitting in cloaked helicopters on their way to the National Bank.

In the Police house Sam and Max had been called in to the Cheifs Office and they now stood there infront of the cheif. “I have a very important job for you!” The Cheif said. “This morning, we lost 48 police jets tracking Nuklear Bombstone on his way from Jail, we do not know where he is.” “BUT”, he stated “Severall witnesses have claimed that they have heard Russian Opera from the apartment on 309 Dark Street, and we have concluded that it must be him”, “Do you accept the mission?”. “Sure”, Max said. “I suppose all your forces are out on the field?”. “No”, the chief replied, “We prefer having you killed first, he is a very dangerous man and we do not want to put the valuable lifes of our valiant men in danger!”

“Ok” Max said, and they hit the road again …

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