A blondes 3 wishes

A blonde is walking along the beach one day when she finds an old bottle floating in the water. She goes over and picks it up and notices a cork in the top of the bottle. She pulls out the cork and a genie pops out.

“Thank you for letting me out after 10000 years of being stuck in that bottle. To show you my appreciation I will give you 3 wishes!”

The blonde thinks for a little while and finally decides on her first wish, “I would like to be 10% smarter” – She sais.

The genie does her magic and she is turned into a red head.

“I don’t think I am smart enough yet, I would like to be a 100% smarter than what I am” – she sais

So the Genie does her magic a second time and she turns in to a brunette.

“I don’t think I am smart enough yet I would like to be a 1000% smarter than what I am”

So the genie turns her into a man!

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