Demolition Ideas

I was making a poster for a perfume bottle this year, for a project at school, and?I wrote down some ideas I had for the slogan. 😛 If you can think of any others post them in the comments and I might add them! 😉

The perfume bottle itself was designed to look as a bomb, you can view the poster in the gallery section right here.


“Limited Edition, The Ultimate Edition, The ONLY Edition!”

“Buy now, before it’s too late!”

“By now, before it’s too late!”

“By now, it’s too late!”

“Everyone will evacuate the building …”

“The Wanted Bomb”

“An explosion of the senses”

“An senseless expolsion!”

“An Explosive Scent”

“Just like Dynamite!”


“Suicide Bomber Sense”

“A Wonderful Explosion!”

“It’s a bomb!”

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