Read Me!

So isn’t this boring? Literature?

Why read anything when you can enjoy a good movie or waste some time at a hundred-person-shooter instead? Besides, it aint good for you to sit infront of the computer for hours stuck in the pages of one of my endless stories ( which is why we have a print option by the way). If you don’t believe in the dangerous radiation your computer screen casts upon you, you might at least notice how tiresome it can get for your eyes after a few endless hours.

I admit movies can be good, but if you ever read a book before watching the movie you’ll know you dissapointing they can be. They can’t film everything. They cannot include all the authors thoughts and see everything from his perfect perspective. In words, however, everything can be described! Literature is creation, it is inpiration. It is a flow of ideas and creativity. Thoughts. Images put in to words. It is poetry. It is art!

Surprisingly the Library is one of the least visited main sections on CyberDB, even though it contains the most content. People don’t seem to appreciate words nowadays! Strangely. If you have no interest in reading you have no imagination and thus you have no real sense or value in life.

If your one of those people who just hate to read books, and not just because you have some strange disease that prevents you from being able to, but because you’re too damn lazy. We do have short jokes and quotes for you to read without wasting too much time and/or overheating your underpowered braincells. Please read a few words of wisdom too and do something with your life as well, like becoming a lawyer or doctor or getting somekind of greatly paid occupation . . not that I would ever want to be one of those myself though. I prefer being an author. 🙂