Fun Facts

Elephants eat
Benjamin Franklins lessons
Beehives can double
Only Sport to be named after a bug
The standard escalator
Highest rating of a top quality diamond
A Roman vomitory
A white collar worker in British slang
What great ruler died of a nosebleed on his wedding night
Percentage of Men and Women that are left handed
Last man on the moon
British name for checkers
National bird of India
Whole milk
A Glutton in the animal kingdom
Way too much candy during a robbery
Mickey House has how many fingers on each hand?
Greek Philosopher had thoughts on the music of the day
Dinners at a restaurant
Food choice on a deserted island
Who would you prefer having dinner with
Decaf Coffee
Largest Mountain
What country consumes the most cereal
2 Syllable word with no true vowels

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