September 2006

How many calories per day does a hibernating bear burn?
In astronomy, what is a white dwarf?
Most Expensive Spice
What type of fruit is only female?
A Lions Roar can be heard
Hypoallergenic cats go on sale
‘2 b o not 2b?’
Boy, 3, buys £9K car on eBay
Gay boy becomes carnival queen
‘Hitler’s art’ sells for £118,000
Bluey’s lucky escape
Tajikistan to ban gold teeth
Dog starts car
Monster Smart Car
Blair facing defeat on NHS reforms
Blair staying as PM ‘for some time’
Woman wins home demolition fight
Second strike as NHS row continues
Drivers challenge speed camera laws
Rottweiler attack boy ‘stable’
Police hunt gunman in teen shooting
Brits ‘have worst debts in Europe’
Crane collapse probe after two die
Branson jets plan on climate change
Film director hits back at critics