October 2006

What do eskimos use to keep their food from freezing?
What country eats the most cereal?
Who is the Greek god of dreams?
How many fingers on Mickey Mouses Hands?
What is the Big Mac called in Russia?
Woman MP demands hookers for the troops
Smile costs family £3,000 holiday
Man walks in 260kg shoes
Kickboxer gives birth after fight
Dog eats ‘fetch’ toys
Maths wins boffins a Lotto jackpot
Hospitals ban novelty socks
Robbie fan bets on his love
Guinness drinkers see red
Women ‘grumpier than men’
Man locks wife in chicken coop
Who said never eat more than you can lift?
What room has the most arguments?
How long is a day on Mars?
Americans spend this on pizza yearly?
Largest food crop on earth.
Where is the city of Batman?
Before he was a comedian Bob Hope did this?
How many days in a whale?
Scientists discover why toast falls butter side down