October 2006

Sat nav system leads driver to sand
Doggy paddling to fitness
First aider called to his own emergency
Prisoners in the pink
MA in Robin Hood
Fake boobs a turn off
Beatles hits translated into Cornish
Surfing dog upstages rivals
Man kept grenades on mantelpiece
Mickey gets jiggy
Firm bans ‘ageist’ birthday cards
Houdini pony’s epic journey
17 Percent of humans, gorillas, and chimpanzees are
The Titanic hit the iceberg at?
‘World’s oldest man’ dies
Tumble dryer prank backfires
MP posts Cameron spoof on YouTube
Rabbit’s week under the bonnet
Cat sets up home in nest
Man finds £10,000 in McDonald’s meal
Friday 13th – not so unlucky?
‘Notoriously eccentric’ Oxbridge interviews
Welsh choir set for stardom
Snake surprises truck driver
Doc pops to B&Q mid-op