November 2006

Mums’ 12 days of Xmas preparations
Bakery for dogs
‘Mr Magoo’ driven off the road
PS3 – a smash
World’s biggest rubber band ball
Six-year-old ‘hoodie’
Kate: I’d do anything for a packet of Quavers
Elton: Noel looks like Parker
The Smiths baffle teachers
Hand-me down fibs
Panda porn pays off
Rubbish ‘too cold’ for binmen
Wife goes to court to stop hubby’s ghost stories
Council bans Xmas
Revenge on snooty neighbours
Student wins turkey-eating contest
Britain’s unluckiest man?
Baby takes first steps and locks mum out of flat
Swedes trust Ikea more than the church
Dirty Riddle Collection
College Entrance Exam: For Football Players
New Viruses
Drive Thru Fun
The Perfect Day
PC gamers VS Console Gamers