December 2006

Blind Pilots
Worlds Largest Strawberry?
Worlds Largest Herb?
What is a neuroblast?
Reindeer Names?
First State to Proclaim Christmas a Holiday?
What does the name Noah Mean?
Best Selling Christmas Single of All Time?
The Smallest US President?
How tall is the Effel Tower?
How many teeth does a turtle have?
Who was the last man on the moon?
25 Percent of all Cookies in the US?
Worker ants can carry?
How many children did Cleopatra have?
Plymouth Rock Weighs?
The 2 top spices in the world?
What is a dactylogram?
The average elephant trunk is?
Tots wrap up for outdoor winter lessons
Car notches up million miles
Dr Who fan exterminates students
Brits want to play board games – with the Osbournes
Boy arrested for opening present

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