January 2007

How many tons of Jelly Beans?
Running DOS
How many crisp new dollar bills to the pound?
What country has the most phones?
What does an ammeter measure?
How fast does the sound of thunder travel?
How many flowers are stamped on an Oreo Cookie?
Hershey Pennsylvania street lights are shaped like?
How many tons of Jelly Beans?
How can you tell the age of a mountain goat?
+44 – Chapter XIII
+44 – Make You Smile
+44 – No It Isn’t
+44 – Weatherman
+44 – Cliff Diving
+44 – Lillian
+44 – 155
+44 – Little Death
+44 – When Your Heart Stops Beating
+44 – Baby, Come On
+44 – Lycanthrope
A bunch of bananas
40 Percent of McDonalds Profits
How many bones in your big toe?
1973 James Bond Song Written by?