March 2007

First man made object to reach the moon?
Man gives up sex to live forever
Republican’s shock ‘gay marriage switch’
Diamond geezer
Face of farming
Charges dropped In goat spray-painting case
Parrot smuggler in a flap
‘Oh my God, South Park kill the Queen!’
Grapes of wrath
Goat born with ‘head of bulldog’
Tooting man becomes Hindu Goddess
Woman faked being pregnant with quins
Storm over chocolate Jesus
Durex appeal for testers
World Bank loan for Porsche ambulances
Return of the lovesick swan
How old was Stevie Wonder when he
Cheese-makers slammed over big bunny
Church guard pulls gun to protect Britney
Cannabis farm caused road collapse
What we find under the bed…
Dog performs Heimlich manoeuvre
Man shared house with 80 sheep
World’s tallest man marries
Wife cut off hubby’s manhood