April 2007

Men sent on breast feeding course
Teacher forced to stare at wall
Cop raid over shuttlecock
Toy leopard sparks panic
Teachers ‘can’t send texts’
Wembley can’t fly the flag
Family of 11 share same initials
£60 Georgian mansion
‘Kryptonite’ found in Serbia
Birthday bet comes up trumps
Branson edited out of Bond movie
Grl, 13, is tp txtr
Soap gives caffeine kick
Man cut off penis in restaurant
Chancellor: ‘I’m hopeless at maths’
Plymouth is worst dressed city
Fans referees match – at 82
Pensioner’s amazing blast escape
Anti-GM protesters sabotage wrong field
Footballer scores with sheep
OAP collects wrong ‘granddaughter’
McFly bus takes detour
Horse sleeps in bank foyer
Course for cowardly canines
Man lives in woods – for 28 years