May 2007

Gay flamingos adopt chick
City’s revenge on Cleese
Man finds £350,000 under leaves
World’s highest mobile phone call
Man sleeps through gunshot to head
Iggy inspires Chelsea garden
Dog saves piglets
Shark’s virgin birth
Bondage couple lose key
Wheelchair man ten times over drink-drive limit
Cat grows wings
McDonald’s begins McJob petition
Serial dater finally finds Ms Right
Sexy ‘woman’ on dating line was man
Life savings swept away
Council acting the goat
Rooftop romp watched by thousands
Rubbish saves boy after plunge
Emu sparks police chase
BB keeps dad’s death secret
World’s fastest birth
Car clamper faces ASBO
Ferrari owner seeks £300,000 damages
Sexual orientation ‘affects map reading skills’
Man claims sleepless record

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