May 2007

Spitting feathers
A boob op too far
German firm buys Tuscan village
Theme park gives free entry to ASBOs
Commuter puts foot in it
Win a kidney on reality TV
Poland bans ‘gay’ Teletubbies
Britain’s longest courtship?
Brit burnt German towels
Hen party brings house down
Brit to swim at North Pole
Leopard jumped into guide’s bed
Landlord forced to live in own building
Artist: ‘Corgi tastes disgusting’
Sex toy prompts bomb alert
Slang guide for Tesco’s silver army
Robber asked victim for date
Albino wallaby spotted in Bucks
Guinea pig ‘fried for dinner’
Teletubbies split Polish opinion
Dwarf mechanic mistaken for ‘abducted’ boy
Hilton double’s Swiss role
Taxi to Greece
Teen’s hunt for size 23 boots
US Active Volcanoes?